DOUBLE BILL: ‘Tobias, You & I’ and ‘Chicken’

Little Pickle Theatre Company / Amelie Kirk-Slater and Ailsa Husband

Little Angel Theatre

Two Plays for the price of one.

'Tobias, you & I' is an honest look at the beginning and end of a young relationship. Kirk-Slater invites you to sit with Jo and Odie as they discuss everything from the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen to the state of their relationship. Same Place, same people, same shark, different time and therefore different relationship.

'Chicken' deconstructs the grieving process with the help of a farmyard chicken. Through an unexpected and intense friendship between man and bird, Husband unravels and reveals the inner workings of a British family home in the wake of modern diet culture.

Please join us for our official writing and directing debut and help support young female writers trying to break into the industry.


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