Did the Sun want me (or did I just misunderstand?)

Moi Ko Productions

Theatro Technis

Queer, multicultural theatre makers Moi Ko explore isolation and the saviour of a companionship in their new play Did the Sun want me (or did I just misunderstand?). Inspired by the question: “How does trying to escape a world that seems inescapable affect the ways we relate to each other as queer people?”, this original absurdist theatre piece follows the journey of Person through an eerie, alternate dimension as they encounter odd entities of this off-beat land. They form an ally-ship with a creature named Markum, and together attempt an escape.

Did the Sun want me (or did I just misunderstand?) is Moi Ko’s second production, completed with sustainably sourced, camp and delicately hand-crafted scenography, giving life to a lamp-plant oracle and capturing the ephemerality of whispers. This show is perfect for any fans of queer theory and literature, contemporary experimental work and absurdist theatre. It is a lyrical, comical, and allegorical prose about struggling with loneliness and isolation inspired by queer ways of forming family.


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