Dandelions and Poppy

Hosanna Johnson

Theatro Technis

Dandelions and Poppy is a new play about experience coming out as lesbian for two teenagers Connie and Rosa with the help of their dog Poppy. Poppy is a lesbian and only wants to have sex with other girl dogs in the park where the play is set. Connie and Rosa are best friends but when Poppy starts to make a seen in the park Connie opens about her sexuality as well as her thoughts on Poppy’s bold behaviour. Poppy is full of love and acceptance, but Connie’s Pentecostal Christian parents make her journey to accepting herself as well as poppy much harder than she wants it to be. A play that starts with a lesbian dog might sound like a funny thing to see on stage, that’s because it is funny. Dandelions and Poppy will make you laugh whilst examining internalised homophobia, religion friendship and what it means to find true acceptance, all on a park bench. Dandelions and Poppy is an honest and truthful play that has real highs and lows. This is a coming-of-age story about figuring out who you are and the need for acceptance not just from others but from yourself.


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