Damp Frank Is Out There WIP

Frank A. Bertoletti

'All you need to know is that he's damp, and he's Out There.'

Damp Frank is a cryptid. Not a famous one like The Yeti, Mothman, or beloved Genesis frontman Phil Collins. No sirree, as the result of a childhood curse, Damp Frank must remain mildly to moderately damp at all times or else cease to exist. Which is existentially baffling and practically - a fucking nightmare.

Gather round the piano and hark: The Ballad of Damp Frank. Son of a haunted doll, ex-lover of a phoenix, advocate for cryptid visibility, washed up Prog Rock E-Lister and now: a little wet man with a keyboard. You'd be dry to miss it.

Frank is a Musical Theatre actor/writer, jazz singer and comedy cabaret performer (Man Up finals, Soho Theatre Drag/Cabaret Lab, Sketch-Off Quarter Finals) from Carlisle.

45 mins


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