Dad, Playboy, & Me… Not Your Average Slideshow

Not Your Average Slideshow

The Water Rats

Comedic storytelling featuring rare Playboy Club photographs, anecdotes from the people who worked there, and the personal journey they inspired.

Take an intimate look behind the Playboy Club through the lens of archived film rescued from a basement in New Jersey. What started as a hobby one Covid morning turned into a visual dialogue through a sizeable body of photographic work and artistic interest between photographer and archiver, father and daughter.

Not Your Average Slideshow of glossy Playboy photos. Between the modernist documentary style photography juxtaposed to A.G. Norton's research and interviews with Playboy Club employees / patrons; this slideshow takes the audience down an entirely different kind of rabbit hole subverting the narrative on service and sexuality.

Special Guest performance by Suicide Bummer, Explosive Queer South Asian Comedy.

Hear What Happens when a Queer, British, South Asian, sex worker succumbs to familial pressures which result in an arranged marriage with his cousin.


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