Confused Chronicles of Aleppo

Underluminal - La Scapigliatura

Camden People's Theatre

Gerard and Becky, two established photographers, travel in Turkey and Syria, crossing dramatic events such as the siege of Kobane and the battle of Aleppo.
The most dramatic conflict of the third millennia acted at beat rhythm through the eyes of two young adults ready to live and die for what they believe in.
The Confused Chronicles of Aleppo project was created by putting together two very different performers with completely different backgrounds.
Alessandro Onorato – Underluminal – is the author of this short novel, that won the prestigious “Premio Internazionale Salvatore Quasimodo” in Italy and was later on translated into Arabic, Georgian and English. He also adapted it for stage to perform it in this mixed reading/acting performance.
Niccolò Bodini – La Scapigliatura – plays the music on stage. Winner of the prestigious “Premio Tenco”, with his band La Scapigliatura took the scenes in Italy for the last 10 years.


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