Chilli Con Carne

Messy Kind

At sixteen, Ash and Sonia fall in love. But their young queer relationship hits an awkward brick wall: their respective parents have fallen for each other too. After ten years, these strangers rediscover their complex love amidst grief, regret, and Ash’s ‘wonderfully normal’ life with her fiancé: Tom. Wires cross, and threads get pulled - leaving Ash with a heartbreaking decision to make, over a bowl of her mother’s infamous Chilli Con Carne...

Written for Messy Kind by Sarah Vickers in 2024 and directed by Hugo Papiernik, this bold three-hander mixes the Pinter pin-drop pause with a queer love story at its core. Delving into some uncomfortable questions about sister-hood, jealousy and grief, Chilli Con Carne is a refreshing exploration into two women’s repressed feelings of love.

60 mins


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LGBT, Theatre, 3 Hander, Drama, Tragedy

LGBT, Theatre, 3 Hander, Drama, Tragedy


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