Charlie Dinkin & Fraser Parry: For The Last First Time


Charlie Dinkin is a WGGB Award-winning writer, comedian and star of cult hit sketch podcast SeanceCast. Fraser Parry is a composer, improviser, and the musical genius behind Try Happy. They've been friends for years, but now they're making it official in this very special one-off collaboration (that will happen twice).

Charlie's cutting short stories and Fraser's sublime live music combine to invite you into a twisted world of lovers, losers and a third 'L' thing: from a bright-eyed intern making the best of a hostage situation, to a recently divorced dad building a new life in the metaverse, a 1930s cop who can't get his head around jazz and a fairytale henchman who is so much more than a killer-for-hire. Silly, surreal and ok, we'll say it, kind of sexy, this is a show that will impress your date and your dad, but hopefully not at the same time.

Fans of Simon Rich and David Sedaris are warmly invited, though obviously they won't be there.


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