The Plague Contingent

Splintered windows are scarred with the residue of thick smog amidst a society that doesn't care, where state bullies trample, stamp and bruise and faces of ice are thawed and melted by life.
BOIL is raging alcoholic Carva's personal hellscape. Intelligent and erudite, yet enslaved by addiction, Carva has found himself in servitude to Frank, an insidious man with the charm of a rattlesnake and the morals of an alley cat, but the financial wherewithal to provide the steady stream of wine that Carva craves. Their days are spent fraudulently acquiring fine, vintage wine and their nights consuming the proceeds of their efforts. Until their latest victim, the disgraced Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and social pariah Nina Beria, enters their den of iniquity. Outnumbered but not outwitted, she desperately seeks to reclaim her bounty before the baying crowd beats down their door and rips her to shreds.
Through surrealist dialogue and emotive realism bound by absurdist comedy, The Plague Contingent present BOIL: A story of turbulent infection, torment and rotting jest where three figures are caught in a never-ending spectral dance, whilst the streets outside are cold with death.


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