Bexual Healing

Rebekka Turner Comedy

It’s a pun, although some of the characters might be witty and off the wrist. This is the intercourse before the dessert, whoops sorry I mentioned Bex...

Bexual Healing is a retro character comedy in which the awkward sex symbol Maybe West shares her encounters with other socially awkward characters from the 1920s-1990s. Each one struggling to find acceptance and love through the barriers that being female and neurodiverse brings.

Bex returns with a brand new work in progress for 2024. Having been performing for quite a few years she's looking to try something new! She is a high energy, eccentric, surreal, stand up/character comic. Her likeability combined with her comedic sense of adventure makes audiences love her.

"Rebekka Turner plays several highly funny characters with a 'League of Gentlemen' edge."
- Simon, Extra Topping Comedy 2023.

Fearlessly funny, gorgeously unhinged and imaginative, you will not get bored watching Rebekka.”
-Funny Women

50 mins


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Comedy, One Person Show, Interactive, Work-in-progress

Comedy, One Person Show, Interactive, Work-in-progress


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