Better Never than Late: A Japanese Woman’s Struggle with Conformity WIP

Nobby (Kobayashi)

What makes a Japanese woman with four degrees, including a PhD, an unlikely loser? Better Never Than Late is a hilarious one-woman show by Nobumi Kobayashi (Nobby). A product of an un-Asian ‘liberal’ upbringing, Nobby's been blundering through her life since she can remember. And she has Complex- PTSD and everyone who knows her reckons she is on the spectrum. Born and bred in Japan, went to school in the US, and now based in London, Nobby talks about her unsuccessful struggle to fit in.

Unsurprisingly, Nobby's life has always been "eventful", but marrying her British husband took it to another level. He turned out to be an alcoholic and controlling bully. Choosing divorce over murder, Nobby ended the marriage and jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Find out how hilariously bizarre her life has become.

Nobby is a Japanese act based in London. Her observational comedy revolves around stereotypes, her confused identity and her unique take on her life in the UK, often viewed as “quirky”, yet utterly silly and entertaining.

“Too off-the-wall for Britain’s Got Talent” Geoff Whiting
“A great gag writer with a quirky stage presence” T-Bird Comedy Club

45 mins


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