Lemon Shed

Smoke. Sweat. Neon lights.

The place where four women went from strangers to sisters is being priced out and sold on, and leaving isn’t easy. Every corner of the bar is engraved with history: names on the toilet doors, leftover tips from tourists and the best worst cocktails in South London.

The morning after their final celebration at the bar, tensions rise and clashing moralities get in the way of what should be a peaceful end to the place they've called home. BAR uses movement and original music to relive the highs and lows of the night before.

The piece explores the complexities of consent when everyone has something at stake. Frankie won’t be a bystander again, Angel needs a place to stay, and Ruby’s been waiting for Cecilia to commit. Confronted with a deadline to leave the bar and salvage their friendships, the four need to figure out what’s real and what’s right.


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