Andy Field: Belligerent (WIP)

Andy Field

Andy's been a stand up comedian for over 10 years now and he's always made an effort to not be negative or combative, to amplify silliness and be lighthearted

Recently however, he's gotten a bit bored. So now he's rebranding as an thunderbolt of righteous outrage who's really ballsy and critical. Just to see how that goes, might be fun?

As a visual aid, and to soften the relentless torrent of indignation, he has lovingly crafted a powerpoint presentation, which outlines all the people and things he dislikes and/or does not respect, from people who wear expensive watches, to his niece Rebecca, to Sun Tzu. No one is safe

The shackles are off, he's making a heel turn, breaking necks and cashing cheques, then breaking the necks of the people that cash his cheques, just wilfully breaking necks all the time, particularly at the bank.


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