An Evening With Gene Montague

Hot Car Vodka

Rosemary Branch Theatre

“You’ve definitely heard of him. No honestly, I bet you’ve seen him in something before. You have! I know you have. Remember that article you read a few months ago? Yeah, that was about him. I think it was anyway.”

An Evening with Gene Montague is a comedic play about a Q&A between an unassuming actor and a theatre critic who seems to be hiding a dark secret. This show is a collaboration between alternative comedians Lewis King and Robert Thomas (creators of Edinburgh Fringe show Magnum Opus, Lembit Opik), and theatre makers Woody Franklyn (winners of ‘Best in Fringe’ at Fuse International), and Natalia Lewis (writer and performer of Arts Council funded artrage - performed in the National Gallery’s Friday Lates series).


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