All That Glitters

Made You Look Productions

“If you fall off the stage: leg extended, boobs up.”

A love letter to female friendship... backstage at a burlesque bar.

When seasoned diva Lexi and gentle rookie Selene meet, a mutual love of mocking politicians, apple Sourz and Britney sparks an unexpected friendship. But with the ruthless club owner and Selene’s overbearing girlfriend ever-present, will their friendship - and careers - survive show night?

ALL THAT GLITTERS is a two-hander comedy drama which explores body confidence, workplace hierarchies and queer relationships, and asks how long is too long to stay loyal.

Put on your red lippy and your favourite 00s classics, because it’s time to overthrow the patriarchy: burlesque-style. Think Moulin Rouge meets Spitting Image, while giving female friendship the onstage spotlight it deserves.

After an explosive R&D back in June 2022, ALL THAT GLITTERS returns, as the debut production by Made You Look. Our goal is telling untold and unconventional women’s stories with a laugh, a pause for thought and a killer soundtrack.

Audience responses:
“Hilarious and thoughtful.”
“A powerhouse of a show!”
“What happens next?”

50 mins


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