The Really Useless Group

The Bill Murray

A sell-out musical sketch comedy exploring modern life as a queer creative in the clutches of social media. Watch us battle our insecurities while dealing with a constant onslaught of social media and its alluring rabbit holes, an ever-evolving selection of sexual identities, and as if that wasn’t enough, an overwhelming selection of coffee beverages too. We are introducing our set of original comedy bangers such as White Van Man (about catcalling), Very Truthful List (about conspiracy theories) and Gaydar (about not being able to tell a guitarist from a left-handed lesbian).

Comprised of Leoni Amandin, Sinead Hegarty and Rebeka Dio, The Really Useless Group debuted their sell-out show at VAULT Festival 2023. With over 120K views on TikTok, this group has a growing audience of musical comedy lovers both in and out of London.

Here’s what people say about the show:

"Filled with quirky songs, tons of charisma and plenty of modern life angst... Joyful and clever- not at all useless." - The Reviews Hub

"Really funny!" - Audience Member

So, trust this random audience member who’s definitely not made up and come down for an hour of laughs!


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