A Woman Called Girl

Milja Marttila & Quid Pro Quo Theatre

Lion & Unicorn Theatre

One Girl. Four women. A birthday party to arrange and a pressing question: how do you obtain perfection when people are stupid and nasty, and the world is always against you? And how is it possible that you are actually even more stupid and nasty than all the rest of them together? A Woman Called Girl is an absolute freak – and she has (none of) the answers.

'A Woman Called Girl' is a one-woman show for four women, combining new writing, physical theatre and original music. The performance examines themes of girlhood, identity and mental health problems through dark comedy. It asks: what makes young women hate themselves and who is to blame for that - if anyone.

Written by Milja Marttila
Directed by Sarah Majland
Music by Öncel Camci
Cast: Sarah Majland, Milja Marttila, Cristina Parracho, Chloe Winney


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