A Plate of Scrambled Egg

Miel Celeste

Theatro Technis

'We emerge, limbs tumbling, from behind a single white sofa. Comically strange. Each body entranced in a state of waiting, seemingly for a train. Techno music blasts, bodies fall in and out of sync. Patterns of coincidence flutter amid eyelashes. We snap out of one reality and into another, someone get enveloped by a 14ft scarf. We question which is real. Our shoes stand tapping in an elevator, waiting for us to catch up... until we realise- It’s all real.'

‘A Plate of Scrambled Egg’ is a devised multi-media, experimental movement piece. As a performance this work concerns itself with the choreographed chaos of life, the instability of reality, sickness and madness.

Our cast of six is intimate and intersectional, consisting of Trans and AFAB performers- utilising projection, costume lead movement, and collaborative physical theatre. ‘A Plate of Scrambled Egg’ distorts where beginning meets end. Where the mundane meets the absurd. Where non-linearity forms coherence.

We encourage international speakers to come watch our show as there is little to no dialogue as part of the performance.


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