A Foray in Innocence – Feature Play

Ronan Colfer

When a young Prince is confronted with the death of his father he must now become the leader and man he always dreamt of being and bring forth his family's legacy into new and enlightened areas, but he soon finds out that being a King isn't quite the wonderful fantasy he had envisioned all those years.

Inspired by the classics, and encapsulating elements of both tragedy and farce, A Foray in Innocence follows Emilia Turner, a young freedom fighter of 17th century London who hatches a plan with her rebellious friends to take down the royal household and put a better leader on the throne; King Jacob, a young man thrusted onto the throne of England after the recent death of his father; and George Brooksby, a young poet madly in love with Emilia who does everything he can to save her from execution.

120 mins


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