Tools to Survive


Which tools would you choose? How can we survive most wisely in these lonely and harsh times? The audience is invited to participate in this journey to find survival tools actively. Join us with Korean artists as we explore various survival tools through sound art, movement, and theatre. Are you ready to discover the best tools to survive?

"Tools to Surviveā€, is an interdisciplinary art project, which deals with various aspects and concerns of survival in our time. The autobiographical stories of the artists combine to create a universal story that can resonate internationally. Young Korean artists living in Seoul, London, and Paris came together to express their artistic languages. Our practices involve sound art, movement, and theatre, to reflect on our survival as young workers, emotional and economic difficulties, climate crisis, and social turmoil.

The primary artistic languages are the sounds from everyday objects and reinterpreted daily movements. This work shows the change in process from the fragmented sound and movement survival alone. The process will then navigate towards an experimental choir and contact improvisation movement which encompasses others in diverse situations. The audience will share their concerns about survival today through participation. Join us on the journey to discover the best tools to survive!


Director & Sound Designer & Producer: Da Won Kwack
Dramaturge & Stage Manager & Producer: Seri Lee
Choreographer: Gitaek Im
Performer: Ahee Cho, Gitaek Im, Heeseo Son, Se Eun Park
Promotion Designer: Sojung Park
Promotion Photographer: Heeseo Son
Videographer & Photographer: Claudia Gudin

Event Details

Genre: Dance

Duration: 45 mins

Price: £12

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Possibility of sharp and loud sound (in some part)

Suitable for ages: Kids

World premiere

See venue page for accessibility information.

2 August 2024 7.00pm

Rosemary Branch Theatre

Full: £12

Conc: £10


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