The Unicorn In Captivity

Vertebra theatre

The Unicorn In Captivity delves into the intricacies of a falsely redemptive and exploitative relationship between ‘M’ and ‘F’. The play revolves around ‘M’, whose perception of illness undergoes a seismic shift following his mother’s death. Upon uncovering F's concealed chronic illness, ‘M’ embarks on a perilous journey of obsessive exploration and control. Exploiting F's condition for personal gain, ‘M’ manipulates her as both muse and exhibit in his artistic pursuits.
The narrative unfolds as a poignant portrayal of coerced vulnerability amidst chronic illness, where individuals find themselves susceptible to the manipulation of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Symbolically, it reflects the pervasive patriarchal influence within the medical industry. The play confronts issues ranging from the cyclical mistreatment of women’s bodies to the societal taboos surrounding death and illness.
In a concerted effort to raise awareness and foster understanding, we have partnered with Voices for Epilepsy and The National Brain Appeal. Together, we aim to empower our audience with resources and educational support, shedding light on epilepsy and a spectrum of neurological conditions.

Event Details

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 75 mins

Price: £12

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This performance contains, strong language, nudity, themes around death, themes around assisted suicide, ableism, medical scenes, drug use, scenes of violence.

Suitable for ages: 16 and over

See venue page for accessibility information.

30 July 2024 7.00pm

Theatro Technis

Full: £12

Conc: £10

31 July 2024 7.00pm

Theatro Technis

Full: £12

Conc: £10


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