The Strange Case of Dr Dillon

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From 1915 to 1940, Michael Dillon struggled against a world that insisted he was a girl. The only way he could live a full life was to invent gender affirming care for trans men. Body aligned, he began work on his soul. Heart-break, world travel, and life as a Buddhist monk followed.

Today, trans identities are openly mocked in British parliament, and gender affirming healthcare increasingly difficult to access. Far from “new and experimental”, hormone and surgical treatments developed by and for Dillon, in partnership with an emerging plastic surgeon, are established best practices for the global medical community.

Follow Michael’s journey from his childhood in Folkestone, through his medical training and transition, to the Merchant Navy and Buddhist monasteries in India. Described by biographer Liz Hodgkinson as “the world's first female-to-male transsexual”, Dillon’s extraordinary life comes to the stage for the first time, with an all-trans cast.

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Genre: Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £8

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CW transphobia, emotional abuse, references to violence, injury, and suicide.

Suitable for ages: 12 and over

See venue page for accessibility information.

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29 July 2024 7.15pm

Camden People's Theatre

Full: £8

30 July 2024 7.15pm

Camden People's Theatre

Full: £8

31 July 2024 7.15pm

Camden People's Theatre

Full: £8


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