The Last Night Out

Three Coin Theatre

It's been a year since Sophie vanished from David's life without a word but now, just as suddenly as she disappeared, she's back. The two former friends meet at a pub in London, David desperate for answers and Sophie wanting to pretend like nothing ever happened. Over the course of the evening they try to work out who they even are to each other now and slowly come to realise that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes of their lives than they originally thought.

The Last Night Out is an Offie nominated comedy/drama play about friendship, love and self-worth. A little bit light, a little bit dark, funny, irreverent and bittersweet. Paul M Bradley's debut piece is a classic slice-of-life tale.

Reviews from the Brighton Fringe production (2023):

"This is a touching work, alert and intelligent to the way friendship could be something more, or less than love... There’s a truth to the development of these characters that’s rare to encounter on the Fringe." - Simon Jenner:

"Bradley’s script has a gorgeous flow that beautifully touches on serious issues about self worth and addiction." ★★★★ - Josiah Eloi: West End Best Friend

★★★★ - Max Mason

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Genre: Play

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £10

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Trigger Warnings: strong language, discussions of drug use and mental health.

Suitable for ages: 16 and over

See venue page for accessibility information.

8 August 2024 1.00pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £10

9 August 2024 1.00pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £10

10 August 2024 1.00pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £10

11 August 2024 1.00pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £10


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