The Circle of Everything

Kamila CK Artist

An interdisciplinary performance featuring aerial dance, live painting and moving images.

Using the shape of the circle, the work celebrates the life force that holds us up and gives us momentum to move, think, live and create. Invisible, infinite energy. Transpiring through the cyclical nature of existence from sunrise to sunset, birth & death, conscious and subconscious, throughout time and space. The continuous flow of movement on the ground and in the air.

The work draws on the artist’s ongoing practice of aerial movement and Enso painting.
Integrated into the performance is live Japanese Enso painting. A spiritual practice where the artist paints the work in one masterstroke, one breath and no corrections afterwards. The practice gives form to the flow of energy in the moment, making invisible synchronicities visible. Symbolically, the iconic Zen symbol represents the circle of life. The painting will remain on stage as an art installation for the audience to see it up close afterwards.

Simultaneously, the work reveals the duality at play; higher and lower, light and shadow, our sense of connection to oneself, others, and the world, as well as our sense of separation.

Event Details

Genre: Dance

Duration: 40 mins

Price: £12.50

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TikTok: @kamila_ck_artist

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Suitable for ages: 12 and over

World premiere

See venue page for accessibility information.

Accessibility Rider

18 August 2024 5.00pm

The Cockpit

Full: £12.50


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