Nigel Osner: Still ticking!

Scarlet Cherub / Nigel Osner

Nigel Osner looks back at 25 years of performing. He tells his own stories and sings his own lyrics, with melodies by friendly composers or even himself. Nigel plays both male, female and supernatural characters to illustrate his story. They include a man who hates being labelled, a woman who has given up men, a gay man lamenting the last shreds of youth and a fangless vampire.

The show themes are, first, getting older and dealing with this; and, second, understanding and being yourself. The show name comes from Nigel’s near death in an operating theatre three years ago after his heart was pierced in error – which is why a non-binary Death is also a character!

"... tells a good yarn and gives excellent characterisations... there’s a rock star sensuality to much of Osner’s accomplished cabaret turns... undoubtedly a very talented performer’ ★★★★
"the snake-hipped love child of Noel Coward and Eileen Atkins, an ageing provocateur with sweetness and sleaze. His vocals are powerful and his acting skills excellent... a performer who quickly connects with an audience" ★★★★ North West End UK

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Genre: Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £12.50

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Suitable for ages: 16 and over

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10 August 2024 9.30pm

King's Head Theatre

Full: £12.50

11 August 2024 8.00pm

King's Head Theatre

Full: £12.50


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