Osimiri Sprowal

What makes a hero? Who are the real monsters? How does a person become a god?

Perseus is a retelling of the myths of the famed Greek hero, told from the perspective of the three Black women who made him famous: Medusa, Cetus, and his wife, Princess Andromeda.

After her soul is re-allocated to a 'maximum security death' in the depths of Tartarus, famed monstress Medusa befriends Cetus, former sea monster and self-declared god. Together, with the help of Medusa's unburied remains, they work to help Princess Andromeda escape from her nemesis: the so-called hero Perseus.

This piece grapples with the way colourism, fetishization, fatphobia, and the prison industrial complex uniquely affect Black women, even in death. It explores the ways Black women find love and community with each other, across space and time.

This is a staged reading of a piece of new writing that you don't want to miss.

Event Details

Genre: New Writing

Duration: 90 mins

Price: £10

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Warnings: Death by beheading. Some physical violence. Mentions of sexual violence and domestic abuse. Themes of racism, sexism, and fatphoia.

Suitable for ages: 16 and over

World premiere

See venue page for accessibility information.

6 August 2024 4.00pm

Theatro Technis

Full: £10


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