Namaste Blisters

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Namaste Blisters is a gloriously interactive comedy show written and performed by former yoga teacher-turned-comedian Kym Nelson, which takes a look at the (often) bizarre nature of yoga and the characters that teach it. Becoming a yoga teacher was life-changing for Kym Nelson, who decided to swap her hedonistic lifestyle for a more
ethical one. Although it didn't turn out like that... she became a comedian! Performing in Namaste Blisters, Kym plays the
larger-than-life characters based on yoga teachers she's met: the Yoga Terrorist, Spiritual Tree Hugger, the Yoga
Poser, the Sultry Chocolate Meditation Teacher and Yoga Woman! There will be a Yoga-Off, the Y-Factor and a
laughing meditation. Previously performed at the Museum of Comedy in London and the Camden Fringe. Guaranteed you won't look at yoga the same way again!

Event Details

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 50 mins

Price: £11

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Facebook: MindfulThinkingatPlay

Twitter: @KymNelson

Instagram kym_mindatplay



Suitable for ages: 12 and over

See venue page for accessibility information.

3 August 2024 8.30pm

Museum of Comedy

Full: £11

Conc: £9


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