Drama Queers

Things are going to change... Just not in the way Gary expects. He wants your vote to make his little piece of London great again. However, after a protest gets out of hand outside a library hosting a drag queen story time, Gary wakes up some time later in hospital. With no memory of who he was, how does he tell the world who he really wants to be? And how will the world around him react? How will HE react when he finds out who he was - someone who would hate everything about the him of the present. And how does he deal with the fact that he is now perhaps she...and a lesbian also! Gary has a lot of thinking to do and a very short time to do it.

The London Intersectional Arts Collective is a group of actors, writers and creative people who share the experience of living with a marginalised identity and want to create theatre that matters to them. Theatre about them, by them.

This is their first theatre production... but by no means the last.

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Genre: Theatre

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Facebook: groups/1352946881853292

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CW: Bad language, talk of a sexual nature, talk of drugs, alcohol consumption.

Suitable for ages: 18+

World premiere



See venue page for accessibility information.


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