David Ferguson Trivial Hirsute (WIP)

David Ferguson

Comedian David Ferguson is trying to figure things out. Join him to discover together what works and what doesn’t on stage and in life in this fun Work In Progress
After a series of setbacks( from homelessness, nearly dying and losing out on a eBay auction) David Ferguson is trying to make his dreams come true.
Life is a hairy situation. Can David fix his hair?

Event Details

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £5

Social Media

Instagram LoveDavidFerguson

YouTube @believeconspiracypod


Content:Homelessness and mental health

Suitable for ages: 18+

World premiere

See venue page for accessibility information.

2 August 2024 9.30pm

Aces and Eights

Full: £5

5 August 2024 6.30pm

Aces and Eights

Full: £5


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