Emma Cater

Cloakroom Inventory:
• 1 damp snood
• 2 broken umbrellas
• 1 posh orange coat
• 2 women
• 1 year
• ...and a whole load of drama

Emma Cater’s debut play celebrates theatre and the people who work in it. A new comedy drama about life, love, loss and lost property.

Emma Cater has had a diverse and extensive career spanning acting, dance and devised work including as a creative learning associate artist at the Barbican and the National Theatre.

“a beautiful and intriguing window into two women's friendship” (NT Script Submission)

Event Details

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £13

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Suitable for ages: 12 and over

World premiere

See venue page for accessibility information.

14 August 2024 7.30pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £13

Conc: £9

15 August 2024 7.30pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £13

Conc: £9

16 August 2024 4.30pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £13

Conc: £9


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