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“Somethin’ is shiftin’. Oor lives are aboot tae change here.”

Cianalas / (key-an-a-lus) / noun – A deep seated sense of belonging to the place where your roots lie. There is no sadness or melancholy in cianalas, only the realisation of what is truly important in life.

1813. The Scottish Highlands. The beginning of the end...
Set over the span of two years in the 19th century Scottish Highlands, Cianalas tells the story of a community’s resistance to mass evictions during the Highland Clearances – one of the darkest moments of Scotland’s history.

With its traditional live music and use of the Gaelic language, Cianalas explores the themes of belonging, legacy, power, the evolving role of women, and the unsettlement that comes from uprooting communities from their land.

Join us as we are transported back in time in this epic tale of 'the year of the burning'. 'Cianalas', written by Niamh O'Donnell and brought to us by RamPage Theatre Company, is not one to miss. So, are you ready to run?

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Genre: Theatre

Duration: 90 mins

Price: £20

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Swearing, use of weapons and adult themes.

Suitable for ages: 14 and over

World premiere

See venue page for accessibility information.

30 July 2024 9.00pm

King's Head Theatre

Full: £20

Conc: £18

31 July 2024 9.00pm

King's Head Theatre

Full: £20

Conc: £18


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