Billy Parva: A True Story

OddBod Theatre Comedy

Billy worked for the Queen of England (god rest her soul), got deployed in the army with only a knife in his hand and a ballsack the size of a large apple, has more friends than you can throw a stick at and has shagged every woman worth shagging in London. At least, that what Billy says anyway.

Surely we're only destined to have one, maybe TWO billion to one stories happen to us in a course of a lifetime? But Billy, he has several, scratch that, he has hundreds of them. He's telling the truth right?

Did he really fight 40 men at the same time? Did he really party into the middle of the night with his best mate Prince Andrew?

One thing we do know is that Billy is willing tell you everything, and once he gets going, good luck getting him to stop.

Event Details

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £12.50

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Strong Language, Sexual Language, Descriptive Violence and Stories of Suicide

Suitable for ages: 18+

See venue page for accessibility information.

24 August 2024 10.00pm

King's Head Theatre

Full: £12.50

25 August 2024 4.00pm

King's Head Theatre

Full: £12.50

25 August 2024 8.00pm

King's Head Theatre

Full: £12.50


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