Gillian Mclver

Apologia is the first stage play that seeks to honestly answer the question, ‘Who was Alessandro Cagliostro’? Was he a charlatan and con man, or the greatest mage of all time? Step into the mysterious world of Count Alessandro Cagliostro as he finally reveals the testimony of his life. In this play, with a cast of four, the 18th century magician Cagliostro mounts the self-defence he was never able to give in during his troubled lifetime. He describes his contentious background, his education in magic and the mysteries, his relationship with his beloved but contentious wife and partner in crime The Divine Serafina, his distrustful friendship with Casanova and the intrigues that led to his downfall at the hands of the Inquisition. Accused of everything from igniting the French Revolution to consorting with the Devil, the Count answers the many calumnies and accusations against him. Actor Maurizio Molino portrays Cagliostro as a flawed but magnetically charismatic antihero as the audience finally, after 300 years of mystery and controversy, gets to hear Cagliostro’s Apologia. The play is based on historical research and recent biographies.

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Genre: Theatre

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £15

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Web: https://artandmagick.blog/apologia/


Not suitable for children under 12.

Suitable for ages: 14 and over

World premiere

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24 August 2024 5.00pm

Old Red Lion Theatre

Full: £15

Conc: £12

25 August 2024 5.00pm

Old Red Lion Theatre

Full: £15

Conc: £12


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