We will be re-writing this information for 2015 and we'll start taking applications from the 1st of January. However, if you are really keen and can't wait you'll get a good idea of how everything works from this information below on participating in the 2014 Fringe.

If you have any queries that aren't answered below then you can email us on admin@camdenfringe.org.


The Camden Fringe is a performing arts festival which takes place in Camden during August. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply. Last year’s shows included new writing, opera, musicals, stand-up, sketch comedy, dance, cabaret and poetry. The venues are all small and located close to public transport within the borough of Camden. Shows take place throughout the day and generally last one hour.

The Camden Fringe was established and is run by Zena Barrie and Michelle Flower, who have been working together for over ten years on many different Fringe activities.

The Camden Fringe was set-up as an alternative to Edinburgh Festival in London, offering performers the chance to try out new material and different ideas in a supportive setting with less time and fewer financial commitments than Edinburgh. Over the past 6 years the Camden Fringe has gained a reputation for supporting acts, providing helpful information and guidance for newcomers and old-hands alike.

The first Camden Fringe took place in August 2006 at the Etcetera Theatre and included 57 performances by 22 acts. It has grown steadily since then and last year there were events taking place in 18 different venues. Audiences and awareness of the Fringe have been growing each year.

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We are currently looking for acts to perform at the 2014 Camden Fringe - we’re pretty much open to any suggestions! Shows should be ideally around 1 hour long - longer and shorter shows can be accommodated too, but they are trickier to schedule. If your show isn’t around an hour long we must know this at the application stage.

There will be between 1 and 7 performances each day in all the venues, including matinee and late night performances. The lengths of run are flexible - from one night to three weeks depending on what you/the venue think will work best for you and your potential audience.

We do our best to help find a suitable performance slot for everyone who wants to perform at the Camden Fringe. If you apply to a few of the venues and none of them bite at the application you’ve sent in, why not try and find your own performance space in Camden?

Please read the information relating to each venue carefully before you fill in the online form and apply to them. Not every venue will be suitable for your show. If you accept a slot from one venue but have applied to more than one, please make sure you let the other venues know that you have found a space.

Applications open on 1st January 2014.

Please get your application sent in by the 31st March 2014. Late applications will be accepted but you may find there is no space left or you miss out on getting into the printed fringe brochure.

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The full list of venues hosting performances can be found on the VENUE page of the website www.camdenfringe.org. Check this regularly as new venues may be added before the deadline of the 31st of March.

Please read through the venue specifications and check which space is most appropriate for your show. You will apply to the venues directly through the application process on the Camden Fringe site. Do pay attention to the size of performance space, the equipment and the style of show that the venue is interested in – it is a waste of your time and theirs if you apply to a venue that isn’t suitable.

If none of these spaces offer you a slot for your performance, or if none of them are suitable, you could find your own space. In recent years company's have used spaces such as Teatro Technis, The Black Heart, The Camden Eye and St Martin's Park (which weren't listed on this website) by engaging the venue directly. Drop us a line to let us know what you are looking for, we may be able to help admin@camdenfringe.org.

If you have a venue in the borough of Camden that you would like to use for hosting fringe events, get in touch with us admin@camdenfringe.org.

All venues have differing amounts of equipment, most are fully equipped theatres, but others are empty rooms. Make sure you check with the venue manager to find out exactly what will and won’t be provided for your performance.

Acts will have to provide their own technicians to operate the shows in most cases, some venues will expect you to provide an usher or even sell your own tickets on the door.

In venues that are hosting a number of fringe shows you’ll need to be aware that all lighting and sound equipment is shared with other acts performing in the same space, and the performing space will need to be cleared after each show. Most spaces won’t be able to accommodate shows with built-in sets or highly complicated technical requirements. Make sure you check all this with your venue manager.

In early years we charged £7.50 for all tickets, which we think is a fair price. Last year we changed to this so each show could negotiate their ticket prices with the venue and offer concessions, which is how we’ll also work in 2014. Some shows are obviously more expensive to stage and can charge more for tickets. Think of what price is appropriate for your show (between £5 and £15) - for example a 45 minute stand-up show should be cheaper than a 1 hour musical with a cast of 10.

An allocation of tickets for every performance on the Camden Fringe will be available via the Camden Fringe website from June 1st 2014. They can be bought online, they can be posted out or collected at the box office on the night of the performance. The venue/company will be responsible for all door sales.

By the end of September 2014 The Camden Fringe will pay out all box office monies to the venues for the venues to settle directly with the companies.

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The venue will charge you either a hire fee,  a box office split or a guarantee against a split. The costs will be dependent upon the venue you choose, the time of day you perform and the length of your run. Make sure you understand the deal you have been offered. In case of confusion, ASK!

The Camden Fringe also charges a participation fee for each show/act which is payable when you submit your show entry (not your application – that is free!). The payment happens online via our website in April, once you have agreed a performance slot with a venue.

The fees are:

  • £95 – Standard For inclusion in Camden Fringe press and promotion, on the website and a standard listing in our printed brochure.
  • £150 – Double For inclusion in Camden Fringe press and promotion, on the website and a double sized listing in our printed brochure.

There will also be the opportunity to buy advertising both in the brochure and on the Camden Fringe website. Costs and details will be available closer to the time of the festival

All show listings will be in our house style and include your blurb, image, dates, times, prices and venue you are performing in. The brochure will have a large print run and be distributed throughout London via London Calling.

Whether you go for a standard entry or a double entry, your fee also includes your show being listed on our website, your press release and images being hosted on our website, and details of your show being sent out to listings (though we cannot guarantee your show will get listed).

We will also sell an allocation of your tickets via our website from June 1st. The Camden Fringe will take a cut of 5% of all tickets sold through our box office.

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The Camden Fringe team will assist you in promoting your show as part of the festival as a whole. You will need to provide us with images, blurb and a press release. We will give you assistance and advice on all of these things.

Each show will have a page on the Camden Fringe website with an image and show details and links to online booking.

The Camden Fringe will produce and distribute a brochure, detailing all the shows individually. We will try and set up some deals with designers and printers for you, if you wish to create flyers and posters exclusively for your show.

Each participating group will be expected to spend time distributing a share of this promotional material and to generally work hard in order to make all the shows a success. We can't guarantee you an audience for your show - it's up to you to market and promote it, as you know better than anyone else what it is that makes your show brilliant and unique.

The Camden Fringe will send out press listings information and create an online press office where publications can download images and information on each individual show. Check the press page of the website for examples of the sort of press coverage we've achieved in previous years.

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Questions, questions, questions

If there is anything you don't understand, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask, that's what we are here for admin@camdenfringe.org

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Thank you for your interest in the Camden Fringe


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