Camden Fringe

2nd - 29th August 2021

Alpha Who?


Alpha Who?

What does it mean to be a man today?

Every week 84 men take their own lives in the UK. We're struggling to define masculinity in today's modern society, which expects men to be able to share their feelings and be vulnerable after generations of masculine repression. But how do we share? If we're to heal wounds that men hold within themselves, we must first explore how to engage with the feminine within.

Part theatre, part dance and part visual art installation, Alpha Who? is a solo piece that plays with language, and fuses modern dance with physical theatre.
With scenography by painter Saverio Tonoli visually celebrating the purity of stage in support to the narrative, Alpha Who? is a performance that takes you on a personal journey to battle the cultural pressures to conform. You'll meet Truthful Self, Control Freak, Laid Back Guy, Invasive Avoider and Child as we explore what other Beings live inside us.
Can men be both masculine and feminine?
Can you be something more?

Twitter: @matteo_franco5

The Cockpit


Wed 7 Aug 2019 7:00pm £15.00 £12.00
Thu 8 Aug 2019 7:00pm £15.00 £12.00
Fri 9 Aug 2019 7:00pm £15.00 £12.00
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