Camden Fringe

3rd - 30th August 2020

Running Pen productions.

How Far is Lunch?


How Far is Lunch?

See that guy outside Buckingham Palace/London Eye/Windsor with 50 bemused American adults and kids? He's a tour director and he’s with them every step of the way for 14 days through meltdowns, lost passports, bad grammar and the overconsumption of snack foods. This show reveals the scams, lies and rollercoaster adventures as we spin around the UK, Ireland and France on a poorly ventilated coach. Touring is heaven or hell, a Rom-Com or a horror movie. This is a hilarious, interactive fast-paced narrative that plays fast and loose with History and tells the shocking truth about our American cousins (that they are nice and also they tip).
If easily offended you may be Canadian.

Etcetera Theatre


Mon 12 Aug 2019 4:30pm £10.00 £8.00
Tue 13 Aug 2019 4:30pm £10.00 £8.00
Wed 14 Aug 2019 4:30pm £10.00 £8.00
Thu 15 Aug 2019 4:30pm £10.00 £8.00
Fri 16 Aug 2019 4:30pm £10.00 £8.00
Sat 17 Aug 2019 4:30pm £10.00 £8.00
Sun 18 Aug 2019 4:30pm £10.00 £8.00
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