Camden Fringe

1st - 28th August 2022

New Room Theatre

Scenic Reality


Scenic Reality

Four friends leave school with uncertain futures. One of them, A* student and non-binary auteur Damien Blake, wants to create something important. Film is their medium; immediate and open to manipulation. Set against a background of increasing societal pressures, rising university fees and what can be seen as a youth mental health crisis, Damien’s obsession with exploring what reality actually is starts to put a strain on their relationships.

"For all its moments of topical bite – gender fluidity, millennial expectations – J. B. Pichelski’s new work is a tightly scripted drama about being accepted by your peers and finding your place in the world." - Paul O’Leary: Producer (Other People's Money, Southwark Playhouse)

Twitter: @JBPichelski


Hen and Chickens


Wed 7 Aug 2019 6:00pm £8.00
Thu 8 Aug 2019 6:00pm £8.00
Fri 9 Aug 2019 6:00pm £8.00
Sat 10 Aug 2019 6:00pm £8.00
Sun 11 Aug 2019 6:00pm £8.00
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Thu 8 August 2019


View From the Outside

Fri 9 August 2019