The Make Marriage Worx Group (WiP)

Heart No Sleeve

Aces and Eights

Andrea Burke-Bottom is a former alpha-wife and wannabe trad-wife. Despite her allegiance to the trad-wife movement, Andrea continues to struggle with her will to dominate.

Having quit her job as a successful attorney, to focus on being the perfect wife, she developed a series of devices that work to stop her alpha ways in their tracks.

So pleased with the efficacy of her devices, Andrea set up ‘The Make Marriage Worx Group’ – the no. 1 trad-wife retailer, specialising in experiential parties.

Andrea and singer and trad-wife pal, Birdie, invite you to a MMWG party, the no. 1 trad-wife retailer, where you can see the devices in action, have a go if you’re feeling saucy, and place an order!

This show shines a light on internalised misogyny and the ‘pick me’ culture, embedded in society’s psyche by the media and institutional patriarchal values. Recently seen in the widespread trolling of Amber Heard across social media during the Depp versus Heard trial in 2022.

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Aces and Eights


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