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Extreme Improv XStreamed

Camden Comedy Club

Improvisers and comedians go to comedic war to win the Extreme Improv Championship belt! Performers compete in innovative improv challenges and will create scenes, songs and stories based entirely on audience suggestions.

You're in control of the action and we'll make up alternative endings to movies, do hilariously bad impressions and pretty much anything else you tell us to do as long as it's legal...

With loads of interaction it's even possible that audience could end up in games and win! This hilarious show is the stage version of our hit YouTube Show 'Extreme Improv Xstreamed' but in 3D and up close and personal. Directed by David Pustansky author of the Extreme Improv Big Book of Improv Games, creator of the Dreaded Gemini Game and the Improv Wheel of Doom!

Get ready for the powerhouse force of nature known as Extreme Improv XStreamed which is equal parts organised chaos and mad genius. Extreme Improv has hit stages all over the world from Tokyo to Alaska and we're ready to rock the Fringe with our special World Championship Shows!

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Camden Comedy Club


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