Who could understand a dragon

Sabah Kemp

WHO COULD UNDERSTAND A DRAGON: How can we be sane if our sanity is only measured against that of others? Who gets to draw that line? If you think something happened, even if that event didn’t happen to someone else, does that invalidate the experience? Similarly, Madness looks different on different people. Some forms we have been trained to spot... others we haven’t. Some people are allowed to be mad, they are eccentric, exciting, and raw; whilst others are fragile, unstable and jarring. How does one decide this? Who Could Understand A Dragon is a play about reality, sanity and love.

PAL Humanity Initiative is run by Nour and Nagham, who are doctors and sisters on the ground in Gaza. They have founded and lead the globally supported initiative, PAL Humanity. The initiative has prioritised perinatal needs as well as children with special needs, providing medication distribution en masse at UNWRA Schools where displaced families take refuge.

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Genre: Theatre

Duration: 50 mins

Price: £12

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Suitable for ages: 12 and over

See venue page for accessibility information.

14 August 2024 9.00pm

Rosemary Branch Theatre

Full: £12

Conc: £10


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