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"The first time, it ruined me, but I thought... It's like a rite of passage.
Now, they've touched me.
Now, I am a woman."
"Violated" shares and explores real-life experiences of broken consent and sexual assault. As the "Woman" recounts her encounters, the audience are asked to question "How many of these have I also been party to? How many have I vocalised to another soul? Why do we keep them secret?". The "Man" attempts to vocalise his singular defining sexual assault, raising queries such as: “How much pressure are men under to always appear strong? Do the men in my life feel open to talk emotionally? Do I always feel like I can say “No”?".

It's time for a real discussion about consent. It's not about skimpy skirts or saying no to a stranger.

1 in 2 rapes against women are by their Current or Ex Partner.

Women are taught to beware. Men to not be weak.

1 in 4 women, 1 in 20 men - Have been raped or sexually assaulted as an adult.
5 in 6 women, 4 in 5 men - Do not report it.

Violated is calling on everyone to truly look at when they should be asking for consent.
"Who am I now then? Not who society says I should be... They say it's my fault that-!"

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Genre: Theatre

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Content Warnings: Discussions of Broken Consent and Sexual Assault.

Suitable for ages: 16 and over

World premiere


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