The Rise and Fall of Nerine Skinner (A Liz Truss Parody) Work in Progress

Nerine Skinner

Welcome to the world of BGT Semi-Finalist Nerine Skinner and Liv Struss (A Liz Truss Parody). A work in progress show following Nerine's viral sketches of the former Prime Minister. Overnight Nerine gained thousands of subscribers when she created a parody campaign video that gained more views than Liz's own. Nerine enjoyed 44 days of success and then her career was also over, thus creating a strange codependency with the woman!

Join Nerine in a jam-packed show of stand up, (loose) political impressions, from Liz Truss to Boris Johnson, and other non-political comedy character creations. Hear her journey of becoming a political impressionist and satirist overnight, neither of which she had ever done before. Then add the pressure of 15 thousand subscribers and trying to keep her fans interested with new ideas, even though all they want is Liv!

Will Nerine find a new niche? And most importantly, is it okay to keep googling, "What's Liz up to now?" Or does that make her a stalker?

"This comedian’s parody of Liz Truss is hilariously accurate" Sophie Thompson – Indy100

"...Liv Struss sketches have been taking the internet by storm" Oonagh Keating - The Poke

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Genre: Comedy

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Suitable for ages: 12 and over

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