The Marilyn Monroe Burlesque Show

Sarah Holt

Mimic, singer and dancer Sindy Fling literally unwraps the divas of pop – from Monroe to Madonna via Dolly Parton. Is it a strip? Is it a tease? Sindy bares all – guaranteed off the funometer for entertainment, glamour and laughter.

When Covid shut the pubs, Sindy took her cabaret show on tour around her neighbourhood to cheer up the socially isolated, performing over 300 socially distanced pop-up shows. From hen parties to hundredth birthdays, Sindy found she had become a one-woman cradle-to-grave, sing-a-gran service. In the spirit of the Fringe, the Marilyn Monroe Burlesque Show debuts Sindy’s strip-a-gran act.

n the business Sindy is known as a sing and fling performer - as she sings, layers are shed. This is a glamorous, hilarious act loved by Gen Zs to seniors, ladies' nights out to guys with their pints. Sindy's M&S undies will be coming out of the closet, in a fun, tongue in cheek show to create the best party in town.

Event Details

Genre: Music

Duration: 90 mins

Price: £12

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TikTok: @sara0ke


The show involves singing and dancing. During the show there will be clothing removed down to underwear. At the climax of the show there will be a short time of toplessness i.e. burlesque pasties.

Suitable for ages: 18+

World premiere

Audience interaction

Language no problem

See venue page for accessibility information.

Accessibility Rider

15 August 9.00pm

The Water Rats

Full: £12

Conc: £10



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