The Devil’s Passion

Passion Pit Theatre

‘Within the hour we will capture or kill the notorious leader of the most extreme
dangerous and contagious ideology to emerge in the modern era.’ (Satan 33 AD)

33AD: As Jesus enters Jerusalem to fulfil his destiny, Satan ascends from Hell to stop him... a battle ensues for the soul of humanity....

Against a contemporary Middle East "War on Terror" backdrop, an audacious hell’s-eye view of the Passion of Christ from Justin Butcher (Scaramouche Jones) directed by OIivier Award-winner Guy Masterson (Morecambe, The Shark is Broken).

‘Magnificent, satirical, darkly comic.’ (Observer).

‘Radical and provocative: a devilishly clever retelling.’ (Mark Lawson).

‘One of the most remarkable evenings I’ve spent in the theatre.’ (David Suchet).

‘Vivid, comic, lyrical twist on familiar events.’ (Sunday Telegraph).

‘A riveting, witty performance, vivid storytelling, visceral and bravura.’ (BritishTheatreGuide)

Event Details

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 90 mins

Price: £16

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Twitter: @ ButcherArts

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Suitable for ages: 12 and over

See venue page for accessibility information.

7 August 7.30pm

Theatro Technis

Full: £16

Conc: £14


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