Shabbat and Shalom Present: Gaga Mitzvah

Shabbat and Shalom

PAY THE JEWS BACK with love, laughter and fresh blood. We’ve started up shop in your neighborhood, and we’re offering absurd comedy performance that celebrates queer Jewish identity, food filled rituals and nightlife. The show's narrative unfolds through a series of powerful club scenes blending the absurd and the raunchy, which develop into a warm and wild collective ritual, with food (of course). Hide your children, watch out. Shabbat and Shalom will snatch you away and strap you into an an emotional rollercoaster. Expect moments of laughter, shock, and discomfort and a couple of bagels. They’re experts at creating (un)relatable humor without compromising their unique trans Jewish identity. Unpaid, of course.
Shabbat and Shalom presents: Gaga Mitzvah invites audiences to embrace discomfort, celebrate queerness, laugh and cry and laugh again.

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Genre: Comedy

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Suitable for ages: 16 and over

World premiere



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