Zuzana Spacirova/Beyond Borders

"20 years old, holding a suitcase in one hand and plenty of issues in the other, I convinced myself a change of scenery, people, job, house, friends, lifestyle, currency, time zone and a language will solve all of them at once."

Beyond Borders presents their debut play Runaway, a semi-biographical story wrapped in a generous coat of unapologetic humour, exploring themes of home, belonging and finding your identity as a foreigner in a big city. It's a play about endless searching for the place that feels right. That feels like home. It's about racing towards the future and running away from the past, until you cannot run anymore and all you are left with is the present. A train station. And a train to Brixton.

After an initial preview run at Drayton Arms, RUNAWAY is making its way to Camden Fringe, before heading up to Edinburgh for the full run. No actual physical running involved in the play.

Written and performed by Zuzana Spacirova
Directed by Oettie Devriese

"Writer and actress Zuzana Spacirova is supremely talented and has the audience captivated with her loneliness, insecurities, and idiosyncrasies ****." - Theatre Weekly

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Genre: Theatre

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Strong language, swearing

Suitable for ages: 18+

World premiere


See venue page for accessibility information.


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