Rozarina Larsen presents White Fishing: A comedy show on finding your authenticity

Rozarina Larsen

What does it take to be cool? As a teenager of the Eighties, Rozarina had her clues from MTV Real World, Brooke Shields, Empress Masako and weirdly the series Dallas. The Eighties were filled with cool characters, remember Fido Dido? In your face advertisements with products that could improve your looks such as whitening cream and those that could make you look cooler like Menthol cigarettes. But did all that make her cool?

Rozarina Larsen presents her second solo stand up show - White Fishing - a work in progress comedy about finding your authenticity. As an Asian teenager in the mid Eighties, Rozarina was clueless of what it takes to be cool and hip. In this bizarre comedy of self exploration, Rozarina gets real with some of her idols throughout her journey to adulthood from Madonna to Mother Theresa to Marie Condo and faces her obsession with whiteness. Come prepared to listen to some probably not so woke comedy in 2023 as Rozarina unfolds her identity-crisis and her path to finding her authentic self.

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Genre: Comedy

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No strong language content however, there will be reference of sexual content and to smoking.

Suitable for ages: 16 and over

World premiere

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