Lara Cosmetatos

Imaginary celebrity Vaginus Hemmingway invites you to stave off the humdrum horror of the ongoing apocalypse with an evening of elegant debauchery at the fabled Cabaret Rathole – but much as he hopes you enjoy the music, the reminiscences, and the insectoid burlesque, his loyalties lie ultimately with the frustrated Waiter who imagined him in the first place, and his mission goes far beyond entertainment. We have a lot to laugh about – and to consider very seriously – before the curtain falls...
And what better time than the End of the World for a good old-fashioned Quiz?

Join an earnest, thoughtful and talentless individual and his most charismatic imaginary friend in a characterful rummage through life and death’s most irritating questions. For example:
What’s the appropriate reaction to Nothing?
What’s the best way to think about someone without distracting them?
And if you’ve got trouble falling asleep, how are you going to contend with death?!

Event Details

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 80 mins

Price: £10

Social Media

Facebook: /events/781739433626630/781739443626629/

Twitter: @ CosmetatosLara

Instagram theviceofman


moderate swearing; passing and fantsastical portrayal of frustrated attempts to receive appropriate healthcare for mental illness; discussion/portrayal of loneliness, death, delusions; mention/implication of suicide, psychosis and other elements of severe mental illness; celery (allergen); breakdown of relationship depicted through potentially distressing surround-sound. Moderate adult content: sexualised depiction of a mosquito involving lingerie and provocative dancing. Cigarette mention, alcohol mention. Loud noises - onstage shouting, recording of smashing glass, balloon pop onstage.

Suitable for ages: 16 and over


Audience interaction

See venue page for accessibility information.

Accessibility Rider

10 August 9.00pm

Camden People's Theatre

Full: £10

11 August 9.00pm

Camden People's Theatre

Full: £10


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