Lewys Holt

Phrases is a one-man dance, multimedia and spoken word performance. It is a minimal, reflective piece that continually shape-shifts between PowerPoint presentation, dance performance, stand-up set, private conversation, and storytelling recital.

Phrases exists in a kind of ethereal space. Projections of stream-of-consciousness writing are paired with often improvised movement and discussions of communication, to create a subtly humorous yet unnerving piece. Generally, the piece expresses some kind of solidarity with the anxious, the confused and those who overthink. It doesn’t even really tell anyone that it’s going to be okay - it just sort of says “I know...” and strokes your head, at the same time as having its own little freakout.

“Phrases is fun, eccentric and clever”
(Voice Magazine ★★★★)

Unpretentious, honest and thought-provoking, Holt offers a wonderful study in overthinking.”
(Broadway Baby ★★★★)

Event Details

Genre: Dance

Duration: 45 mins

Price: £10

Social Media

Facebook: lewysholt

Twitter: @ lewysjbholt

Instagram lewysholt

YouTube @LewysJaqBannonHolt



Suitable for ages: 12 and over

Audience interaction

See venue page for accessibility information.

11 August 4.30pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £10

Conc: £7

12 August 4.30pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £10

Conc: £7

13 August 4.30pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £10

Conc: £7


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