Millennial Bug (The Unbearable Weight of Social Expectation)
Nominated for Best Show in the Amused Moose Comedy Awards 2022, Phil Green now brings us his latest show. It's hard to make friends as a neurodivergent adult, but when Phil develops a couple of unlikely new friendships on a stag do, one Gen X and the other Gen Z, he considers how the generation in between wrestles with the mindsets of both. Did the arrival of the internet make or break us? Are millennials the last generation to be trapped by parental expectation? Are the Sugababes responsible for a midlife crisis? Is a midlife crisis really even a crisis? Phil attempts to answer all this and chat about his love of dog-based reality TV.

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Genre: Comedy

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £7

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Suitable for ages: 16 and over


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31 July 8.00pm

Aces and Eights

Full: £7

Conc: £5


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